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How long does it take

VIDEO, 2020
Fruit leather, known as “ttu lavash” in Armenia, "tklapi" in Georgia, "lavashak" in Iran, "pestil" in Turkey, and "amerdeen" or "qamar el deen" in Lebanon and Syria is a traditional way of utilizing fruit waste which can be preserved for up to two years, through its renewal as a source of bioactive compounds year-round. This slow method of sun-drying fruit is one of the many traditions dating back thousands of years, that was used predominantly by women in the Caucasus and the Middle East through the process of adapting to challenging conditions and limited resources. Recipes play a significant role in diasporic groups and are often activated through maternal practice. Taking the form of a mnemonic device, the recipe holds the ability to transmit both transgenerationally and transnationally. In this light, it becomes a vessel through which collective stories of uprooted experiences can be transmitted across territories.