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Realms of PostMemory (2021) 

Video 10”15
fruit leather, plexiglass, wood, laser engraver.
Motherland / Մայրենիք
Yerevan Modern Art Museum
18 - 28 September 2021
Participating artists: Veronika Babayan (Rotterdam), Tatevik Ghukasyan (Moscow), Olga Ganzha (Amsterdam), and masharu (Amsterdam).

“Postmemory”, a term first coined by Marianne Hirsch in the early 1990’s, describes the relationship that the “generation after” bears to the personal, collective, and cultural trauma of those who came before — to experiences they “remember” only by means of the stories, images, and behaviors among which they grew up. But these experiences were transmitted to them so deeply and affectively as to seem to constitute memories in their own right. The connection to the past that she defines as postmemory is mediated not by recall but by imaginative investment, projection, and creation. It is to be shaped, however indirectly, by traumatic fragments of events that still defy narrative reconstruction and exceed comprehension. These events happened in the past, but their effects continue into the present.

Click here to watch the press-interview in Armenian.